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Lansdowne Auto and Home Insurance

Protect Your Home and Auto with Customized Insurance

Your vehicle and your residence are your most valuable assets, so they should be protected with the right home and auto insurance. Skip the generic policies and limited offerings of big insurance companies. Instead, you can get more customized home and auto policies with Dunn & Danese Inc Insurance Agency, serving the Lansdowne, PA community as independent agents.

Your Home Is Your Greatest Asset

Most folks work and save hard to become homeowners, but they don’t have the kind of savings to rebuild or make repairs on their home if it is seriously damaged. That’s why we recommend a home insurance policy that covers your home should an emergency arise.

Home insurance covers your dwelling in the event of a fire or storm. It pays for repairs or reconstruction, so you don’t have to lose your savings or other assets to cover the expense.

A home insurance policy in Lansdowne also covers the contents of your home, including furnishings, appliances, electronics, and clothing. You can easily add extra coverage for high-value items like jewelry, collectibles, art, and antiques.

Even better, home insurance gives you liability coverage should someone have an accident on your property. And, it usually covers the cost of living away from your home if it is uninhabitable during repairs following your claim.

The State of Pennsylvania Requires Auto Insurance

Just like we recommend protecting your home, we advise our clients in Lansdowne to cover their other largest asset: their vehicle. In fact, the state of Pennsylvania requires minimum auto liability insurance to register a vehicle and drive legally:

  • Bodily injury liability insurance: $15,000 per person; $30,000 per accident
  • Property damage liability coverage: $5,000
  • Uninsured motorist coverage: $15,000 per person; $30,000 per accident

As well as the minimum liability coverage, we suggest most people carry collision and comprehensive insurance, which may be required by the lending party if you finance your car or truck.

Collision insurance pays for repairs or replacement if your vehicle is damaged in an accident where you are at fault. This gets you back to normal quickly and eliminates the need to pay thousands out of your own pocket.

Comprehensive coverage works on claims of theft, vandalism, or damage due to fire or many natural disasters. If you rely on your car or truck to get to work, school, errands, and the like, comprehensive auto insurance is just good sense.

We can help you find the right auto policy for your vehicle age and make, your driving habits, and your budget. As independent agents, we have dozens of auto insurance products available to us, and you’ll love having one tailored to your unique needs.

Call Us for Your Home and Auto Coverage

We never know when life will hand us unexpected events. Be ready with the proper home and auto insurance, and you’ll rest easier. Call Dunn & Danese Inc Insurance Agency today at 610-623-4750 to talk with one of our independent agents about your needs. You’ll find attentiveness you just don’t get with those other insurance companies, and you can rest assured that your most important assets will be covered.